The loin is one of our most exquisite cuts. Tasting a piece of loin, whether Serrano or Iberico, is a unique experience.

A raw (fresh) piece of loin is an elongated and firm piece. It is formed by the muscles of the spine, located in the upper part of the pig. It is a compact and very lean cut, practically without external fat, but with a superb marbling that makes it, one of the most valued cuts, after the jamón.

Fermín Iberico a Cut Above

The amount of fat infiltrated, its weight and its shape vary from one piece to another. The pig’s own genetics, the size of each one and the curing time are some of the factors that make each piece different.

It is one of the most natural products since it is hardly manipulated. All we do is marinate it with Spanish paprika (Pimentón) -that’s why its reddish color- then season it with salt and garlic and incasing it in an artisanal way.

After we finish the marinade, the curing process begins in our natural drying rooms located in La Alberca, at more than 1,100 meters of altitude, in the Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Natural Park, Biosphere Reserve. While it waits for its slow maturation, each piece is “bathed” with the fresh air that descends from the Sierra. The Iberico loin curing process takes a minimum of 80 days and 70 days for the Serrano.

The marbling is absolutely perfect. Its aroma, flavor and texture are intense and persistent. Once you try it, it will become your favorite.

To fully enjoy its flavor, it should be served at room temperature (70ºF/ 20ºC). The classic cut, about two millimeters thick, allows you to savor every nuance. But you can also slice it very thin and in an angle, for a more delicate flavor and elegant presentation.

To experience the perfect pairing, serve it with a Fino or Amontillado, a toasted beer or a Tempranillo Crianza or Reserva from Ribera del Duero.