In Fermín, we have a strong commitment to sustainability, we care about our pasture, our community and the environment. And with that in mind, we have launched an exclusive line of organic products to add one more benefit to our artisanal production culture that includes a natural and slow curing process.

We are very proud of our organic family, made with extra care just for you. Our organic Iberico pigs are raised in freedom, in 100% Organic Farms certified based on a production system that uses farm’s resources, including but not limited to soil fertility and biological activity. We minimize the use of non-renewable resources and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are not used.

Our pigs are fed on certified organic cereals and, when they reach 175-195 pounds (80- 90 kg), they are feed exclusively on acorns and natural pastures.

The production of our organic Iberico products are carried out on a separate line from the rest of traditional Iberico products. Our manufacturing process has an ecological certification with zero residue of genetically modified organisms. Organic Fermin Iberico is free of artificial additives/preservatives and nitrates/nitrites.

This exceptional natural process makes our finest and most luxurious Iberico pork meat, an exquisite gem.

Fermín Iberico a Cut Above



Bold color, intense aroma, pungent buttery flavor and very rich on the palate. Just one piece will create a memorable experience.

Under this gold label we currently produce:
F01201 100% Iberico Acorn Fed Ham USDA Organic.
F01251 100% Iberico Acorn Fed Shoulder USDA Organic.
F03200 Chorizo Ibérico de bellota USDA Organic.


Remember, how your food is grown or raised can have a major impact on our lives as well as the environment.