We call it Coppa. But it’s original name is capicola or capocollo, a latin Tuscan word that means neck or collars (cuello in Spanish).  We are talking about a cut from the upper part of the pig, close to the head. This is why it is sometimes called cabecero.

We proudly produce Acorn Fed Iberico Coppa and Serrano Coppa, seasoned with salt, garlic, nutmeg, pimentón and oregano. In both products, the exceptional marbling or infiltrations of fat are much more visible than in other Fermín cuts, making it juicier and tender on the palate.

When slicing a Serrano Coppa, you will immediately notice an intense red color and even darker on the Acorn Fed Iberico Coppa. The marbled appearance in both complement the intense aroma with a persistent and wonderful finish.

All pigs are different, making every piece of coppa a unique one with more or less protagonism of it’s succulent characteristics. Both pieces are cured for approximately 60-120 days, using traditional methods in La Alberca, Spain, a Natural Reserve declared a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Fermín Iberico a Cut Above Coppa, an Exceptional Cut!