Some foods may contain substances that are generally harmless to most of the population. But for others, they can be harmful, producing allergies or intolerances.

Within this group of substances known as “allergens” are, for example, gluten and lactose, which do not represent any danger, except if you are allergic or intolerant to them.

Gluten is found naturally in wheat, rye, and barley, among other grains. It is used in the production of dry-cured sausages as a binder and homogenizer.

Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Although it may not seem like it, most dry-cured products contain lactose. Why is it so commonly used? To modify the texture, improve the color, the flavor (avoids acidity), and to extend the life of the food.

Since there is no cure for allergic reactions to these types of substances, the only treatment is to avoid eating foods that contain these types of allergens.

At Fermín we are very aware of and committed to the food safety. All of our products are lactose and gluten free (except the blood sausage, which contains bread because it is a fundamental ingredient, and it is indicated on it’s labeling).

Nitrates and nitrites are also used as additives in food. They are added in the production of cured meat products to control the growth of microorganisms, but they are also added to enhance the flavor and color of this type of product.

Products that contain nitrates and nitrites are safe from a health point of view, but but also those who doesn’t but production process are carefully taken care of. For this reason, at Fermín we have been producing an All Natural line free of nitrites and nitrates for more than ten years.

To ensure all this to our clients, we are certified by the IFS and BRC Food Quality Regulations, which require an allergen control and management plan, so that the validation of our cleaning processes and verification of the absence of cross contamination becomes a essential requirement.

At Fermín, health, quality, tradition and the unique flavor of all our products is a priority.
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